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There For Me lyrics


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     There For Me
    >> Mariah Carey
        I never have known
    The way it feels to love
    Without the love
    You showered
    Down upon me
    Warm as the sun
    Melting away the rain
    Giving me strength
    To face another morning

    So many times I felt afraid
    And turned to you
    To find my way
    I reach inside
    And find you there
    You were with me everywhere

    It would take all
    All of my life to find
    Someone more there for me
    There for me
    And I'm never alone
    Cause in my heart I know
    You're always there for me
    There for me

    I won't let go
    Of precious memories
    They are the light of hope
    That burns inside me
    And everytime I lose my way
    You shine for me
    And I'm okay
    You lead me way beyond it all
    And you never let me fall


    You'll always catch me
    When I fall


    My love
    You're always there for me...
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